Thursday, May 22, 2014

When I go to 6th grade I will miss East Elementary because there was a lot of teachers helping the students and they were trying their best to help the kids to read, write, spelling, and numbers. I love being in 5th grade it's like my home I was so excited when my parents said yes to go to school this school rocks and this school is so amazing. The teachers that work at East is so fun because the teachers care about the kids and they love the kids at East. East teachers you guys did super good I loved how you guys cared for us and loved us I know were sometimes loud but I will still miss you guys I hope I can see you guys again East teachers you guys did a lot of things for me and the other kids too. Mr.Moore you were my only teacher I always wanted. These were my favorite things this year! doing something with the Audubon. The teachers that helped me this year is Mr.Moore and all the other teachers MISS YOU GUYS!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Great Friend Award

Yocelih just won the Great Friend Award! I like what she said about Dalahi because she said that she believes her and no one does and I liked what she said that Dalahi is a crazy girl when they hang out all the time. They are so fun to play with. I like what Yocelih said about when no one is with her, Dalahi comes and asks her to play  and hang out with her.  Yoshi I do believe you too.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

February Prompt Writing

What makes you happiest? Write a paragraph in which you describe something that makes you happy.

What makes me happy! is going to Bosnia so I can see my grandma and grandpa. Because I know what me and my grandma are gonna do. Here are three things were going to do. First we are gonna go shopping, Then go buy some chocolate, Finally we are gonna buy some shoes and food because I  would starve at Bosnia. I'm gonna go to Bosnia at summer because I promised my grandma and grandpa that I would come. I'am so so happy! I gonna go to Bosnia because my grandma and grandpa has puppies at her house even did you know that we can build houses on our own but we have to pay the rent. My grandma and grandpa is so fun then the earth my grandma is my dad's mom and my grandpa is my dad's dad I was so surprised! THANKS FOR READING!